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Do Not Overpay for Online Directory Listings

Supemedia and yellowbook and superpages, oh my!
Corny, but not really a bad analogy.
Too often the representatives of these companies prey on the fears they know you have.  If you don’t advertise with them, no one will ever find your website and in six months you’ll be out of business.
According to Google 20% of all searches every day are unique. Google’s makes money by making sure consumers find what they are looking for.  If Google can’t find it, nothing can find it.  Which is why consumers use Google.
66% of all online searches begin with Google.
*      Google is the new “yellow pages”.
*      Google is free
*      Google can be found on every device you own.
Directories do serve a purpose.

  • The occasional consumer will use one to find you.
  • They’re a good source of links and citations.

So before you head down the “yellowbook” road, understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Many listings can be had for nothing or next to nothing.  Start with the free listing and track the results.  If you’re determined to try the paid listing, tracking the “free” listing first will allow for a comparison.  Odds are a paid listing will not generate significantly better results.   It didn’t take Dorothy too long to figure out that the Wizard was an imposter…it won’t take you long either.