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When Was the Last Time You Asked a Patient What They Wanted?

Or are you spending every visit with them telling them what they need, what they want and what they should do.
If you asked you’d find out one of two things.

    • They don’t have a clue what they want
    • They know exactly what they want.

If they don’t know what they want, then it’s ok for you to provide options.
If they know exactly what they want then you have two choices.

    • Give it to them.
    • If you’re unable to give it to them, negotiate.

We all know how to do this, we learned it when were young.  Here’s an example.

We nagged our mom…”Mom, mom, mom.”

Her response “What do you want?”

Our response, “A cookie.”

Her response would vary,

“Here have a cookie.”

“No, it’s too close to dinner, how about a (fill in the blank).”

She was a busy woman who learned that the quickest most efficient way to communicate and to understand what we really wanted, was to ask the obvious question.