The Value of Social Media

Still not sure about the power of social media?  Below is a series of posts that came from my personal Facebook newsfeed.  The names and identifying information have been obscured for privacy reasons.


So what does this tell you?  People use social media to get information.  The person who posted the query is obviously a fan of getting information online.  She has been given two options Dr. ABC and Dr. XYZ.

The next logical step 

Rather than guess at what her next step would be, I called her and asked her what she did.  She was already online so she googled both names and looked for more information about both doctors.  She scanned (her words) their websites and read a few reviews and then chose on of those two doctors.  In essence she used social media to get an answer to a question and then “shopped” the answers all without leaving home.

Was this a scientific study, of course not, just a casual observation.  If you own a business particularly if you rely on the patronage of the “locals”, you need to be involved in social media.  Get a Facebook account and  a Twitter account if for no other reason than to stay in the loop.  Every so often, google your name and the name of your company, see what pops up.  You may be surprised at what you find.

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Robbie Bright-Poole

Robbie Ann Bright-Poole is currently the President and one of the founders of Oracle Hearing Group. Mrs. Poole opened her Audiology practice, Bright Hearing Center, in 1989. The success of her practice afforded her the opportunity to mentor others seeking a similar measure of success. She sold her practice and decided to make mentoring others in the field of Audiology a full-time business. Oracle Hearing Group obtained its first client in 2004. In addition to overseeing the day to day running of the Oracle she is the primarily responsible for the creation of the enormous amount of content that is at the disposal of each Oracle client.

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