The Biggest Problem for Small Business Owners

Google (or search for), “The biggest problem for small business owners”, you’ll get over 120,000,000 results in .23 seconds. The results will range from weak demand for your product to the cost of health insurance to government regulations. No one can tell you what the biggest problem is that you’ll face in your business, primarily because your “biggest” problem tends to be the one that is causing the biggest problem today…right now.

So how do you handle today’s “biggest problem”? Here are 4 easy steps to follow to solve most problems you’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Don’t  Panic

Ok, something happened or is about to happened, accept whatever it is and give it a name. Mr. Jones will be here in 10 minutes and his repaired hearing aid is in a FedEx truck somewhere.

Simplify the Issue

In this case you have two choices (and whining and complaining are not number 1 and number 2).

1.  Contact Mr. Jones immediately and reschedule the appointment.
2.  If he’s already on his way, plan right now what you will say to him when he walks through the door.

Get Real

Is this a problem? Yes, it is. Is it the end of the world? No it isn’t. If this is a major calamity in your day, week or month…count your blessings and act accordingly.

Future Solutions

This is a problem, that should never have never been a problem. Yes, you solved it today. Your next step should be to prevent the problem from happening again. The status of all deliveries should be confirmed 3 days before the delivery date. With that much lead-time you can either take the steps necessary to speed up the delivery or you’ll have ample time to reschedule the patient appointment.

And remember, when all else fails call us. Solving problems is what we do, every day all day long.

As my husband is fond of saying, “there’s no such thing as problems, only solutions.”