4th Quarter Advertising and Marketing

We’re well into the 4th quarter of 2015. If you don’t have your advertising plan set through the end of the year (and a little bit beyond that) you better get started.


Advertising around the holiday season can sometimes before confusing. Should you advertise immediately before or immediately after the holiday? Too close and no one may be interested in coming in but if you aren’t running any ads, chances are no one is calling for an appointment either.

Generally speaking, any time in October up until the week in which Thanksgiving occurs is a good time to advertise. Historically our clients have found that advertising during Thanksgiving week has a less than desirable return on investment. Typically your customers are gearing up for the holiday and beginning to contemplate the holiday shopping season.

Resume advertising the week following Thanksgiving…excluding the Monday (Cyber Monday) immediately following Thanksgiving.


The upcoming holidays are all about spending time with friends and family. Here are a few ideas that center around that theme.

“This Holiday Season Give the Gift of Better Hearing.”

“The Perfect Gift for You This Year? Better Hearing”

Planning for the New Year

The end of the first week of January thru the end of January are great times to focus on

“Make Better Hearing Your New Year’s Resolution.”

The 4th quarter of every year tends to be a hectic time for everyone. But you still need to advertise. Take the next week to establish a game plan that will take you though the end of January. You’ll be glad you did.

Vacation Days, Personal Days and Holidays, Oh My!

It doesn’t really matter what time of the year it is, scheduling around vacation days, personal days and holidays is a pain in the neck.  Productivity can take a hit when employees take vacation at the busiest times. And scheduling employees during the holidays can cause logistical headaches, dampened morale (no, not every can leave early the day before the holiday) and legal risks (it’s not fair that everyone can’t leave early the day before the holiday).

You wouldn’t dream of having informal payroll policies, right? Yet too many employers treat vacation time  (a form of compensation) as a casual entitlement. And getting too informal can cost you.  The first year everyone has Thanksgiving Day off (the actual legal holiday).  Year Two, everyone leaves the Wednesday before Thanksgiving by noon (do you want to deny me the opportunity to get a head start on over the hills and through the woods to grandmas’ house).  Year Three, “Patients never want an appointment the day after Thanksgiving, too many great sales.  Why don’t we just take that day off too”!

You can minimize holiday scheduling hassles with some smart preventative measures, and adopt a clear policy for vacation request procedures.

Please visit this link SME Toolkit Build Your Business.  It’ll provide you with a wealth of ideas about how to create a paid/unpaid leave policy for your office.

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make sure your vacation policies are clear and fair.  And more importantly, designed to take one more headache off your plate!