You came here for a reason.

Whatever your individual reasons are for being on this site, there is one common thread among all of our clients.  They weren’t satisfied with the current state of their practice when they called us.  Something was wrong, they wanted to know what it was or they already thought they knew what it is and they wanted it to be fixed.  Our guess is that you’re in the same boat that they once were.

Our strategy

We treat your practice in much the same as a doctor would treat a patient.

  • Step 1 We diagnose the problem.
  • Step 2 We find solutions to the problems and help you to implement the solutions.
  • Step 3 We teach you how to prevent the problem from happening again.

Too many business owners skip Step 1 and start treating the first thing they think might be wrong. Rarely is there one problem. We start with the systems most vital to the operation of the company and work our way down.

Step 3 is also usually overlooked. Once you’ve successfully treated the problem, the idea is to not have a reoccurrence of the problem. Unfortunately what typically happens is the practice owner’s relief at “fixing” the problem is followed by complacency which almost allows ensures that the problem returns.

How long will this take?

Success will come incrementally, you didn’t get into this overnight. There are more than likely a lot of little things that will need to be changed. Your practice consists of numerous systems. The synergistic nature or the ability of those systems to work cohesively is inherently the recipe for success. The inability of those systems to work together is a recipe for failure.

For example:

Your staff has a closure ratio of 86%. That’s good news.  The bad news is that your marketing efforts have resulted in two patient appointments this month. Unless your financial goals are extremely low you have a problem.

Is your marketing ineffective? Perhaps.

There’s also a possibility that your front desk staff is unable to transition a lead into an appointment.

Once you identify the problem, do you know how to fix it?

We do.

See Case Study for a sampling of what we do.