Learn to Delegate or Else

Learning to delegating is not something any small business owner does well.  It’s not in their nature to think that anyone is possibly capable of doing anything as well they do it.  Therefore there is no purpose in delegating anything.  Instead you’ll just give up lunch, family time, a vacation and if necessary sleep to ensure that you do IT ALL.

Hence the inclusion of “or else” in the title;  doing it all is not only impossible but its ridiculous to assume that you are even the best person for the job.  I know that last part of the sentence is a shocker.  Quite possibly you’re even a little bit annoyed that I would say such a thing.  But hear me out.  You are running a small business.  Maybe, just maybe your secretary really could learn to proof an ad from the newspaper or spend an hour a week visiting your better referral sources.

Only you know what your primary goals are:

  1. Make a lot of money.
  2. Flexible schedule.
  3. Do things your own way
  4. Make a lot of money.

There are an awful lot of little things that need to be done over the course of the day in a small business.  And those things are bound to get in the way of goals 1 through 4.  There are any number of helpful hints you can Google to help you to figure out exactly how to delegate.

The point of this article isn’t to tell you how to do it.  It’s to convince you that it’s time to do it…right now.  Pick one task that know you have to do tomorrow and delegate it to someone else.  One task down, 1000 to go, but it’s a start in the right direction…one-step closer to goal number?

About The Author

Robbie Bright-Poole

Robbie Ann Bright-Poole is currently the President and one of the founders of Oracle Hearing Group. Mrs. Poole opened her Audiology practice, Bright Hearing Center, in 1989. The success of her practice afforded her the opportunity to mentor others seeking a similar measure of success. She sold her practice and decided to make mentoring others in the field of Audiology a full-time business. Oracle Hearing Group obtained its first client in 2004. In addition to overseeing the day to day running of the Oracle she is the primarily responsible for the creation of the enormous amount of content that is at the disposal of each Oracle client.

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