How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad

There are literally millions of ways to create an ad for Facebook.  But creating a Facebook ad and creating an effective Facebook ad are two entirely different concepts.  And creating an effective ad for the “targeted demographic” adds an additional layer of complexity.

Define Effective

Typically the effectiveness of a Facebook ad is measured by whether or not people click on the ad.  The more clicks, the more effective the ad.  Facebook ads need to factor in the following:

High Relevance

Is the ad directed toward the target demographic?

Compelling Call-to-Action

The call-to-action of your ad should motivate a user and generate a sense of urgency to click on your ad now.

Value Proposition

Is the offer worth my time?  Do I want to waste the 10 seconds of my day that it’ll take to click on the ad?

The Facebook Dilemma

This is the methodology that most people use when advertising online. The problem is that advertising online is not the same as advertising via Facebook.  If I enter the phrase “purple dress” in a search engine, the results that are displayed are there because I’m actively looking for a “purple dress”.  It’s what I want, it’s why at that very moment I’m sitting in front of my computer.

If you sell “purple dresses” and run a Facebook campaign, people who are not actively looking for a “purple dress” are seeing your message.  In fact, not only were they not looking for a “purple dress” but your message is getting in the way of what they want to see…namely what their friends and family members are posting.

When advertising on Facebook, the crucial elements of ‘effective’ ads does change a bit. Best put by Dan Slagen at HubSpot, “Your ads now need to be louder and grab the attention of a user so they stop doing what they had initially set out to do on Facebook, and change their course of action to pay attention to your ad. And for Facebook advertisers, that’s a big challenge.”

Next Week – 10 Effective Facebook Ads and Why They’re Effective

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