We know you have questions.

And we know, given the current state of our industry you might be getting a little nervous.

  • Is my practice really in trouble?
  • Will my practice survive?
  • Will I be ok?

We’ll start with the answers to the questions that pertain to us.  If what you’re looking for can’t be found here, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.

And don’t worry we’ll not only answer your more pressing questions, we’ll find the solution to the problem too.

Questions and Answers

Q. Is Oracle a buying group?
A. In the sense that our vendor partners pay for our services, yes Oracle is a buying group.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. The only document our clients sign is a confidentiality agreement.

Q. Is there a minimum purchase requirement?
A. No. We believe that results are more important then contracts. If we make a difference in your practice we would expect to be rewarded with your purchases.

Q. Does Oracle work with just a few vendors?
A. Oracle works with the largest number of vendors of any buying group.

Q. Will my relationship with my vendors change?
A. No, your relationship will not change.  Your price will either improve or remain unchanged.  Your bills will continue to come directly from the vendor.

Q. What areas of my practice will Oracle focus on if I choose to work with them?
A. We focus on all aspects of running a practice.

Q. Will Oracle try to sell me products or services?
A. No. Our only product is practice management. We don’t sell BTE’s, Open Houses or anything else.

Q. What is the cost to join Oracle?
A. There is no fee for joining Oracle.

Q. What does Oracle charge to work with a client?
A. Oracles’ fees are paid for by our vendor partners.