Are You Setting Your Business Apart?: Tips to Effectively Sell

What do you offer to your clients that make you stand out from your competitors? Now, are potential customers aware of this? If they’re not then you’re not effectively selling your product or services. If you don’t even know what makes you better than your competitors, then, let’s be honest, you need to figure it out.

What Sets You Apart?

Entrepreneur magazine sums it up best. “ A USP stands for “unique selling proposition.” It’s the thing that makes you unique in the marketplace—it’s what customers can get from you that they can’t find anyplace else. Having a clear USP gives you a clear response for these questions:

  • How are you unique?
  • In what way are you different from your competitors?
  • Why should I buy from you, rather than from someone else?
  • Why should I care at all about you or anything you sell?”

Maybe you don’t know what can make you unique from your competitors? Here are some things that can give you a niche that you may have overlooked:

  • The buyer you serve
    • Do you sell to a specific age group? Gender? Religion? Do they have a specific problem that you can fix?
  • What you sell
    • Is your product unique in some way? Are YOU the thing for sale and your personality is what sets you apart?
  • You have an unusual angle
    • Are you available when no one else is, such as on holidays or around the clock? Do you promise a specific outcome or unusual level of service? Maybe a unique payment plan?
  • What your product or servicedoes not do
    • A perfect example of this is when food products advertise that they contain no GMOs. Is there something your product does not contain or do? Is there something you will never do while providing a service, like never being late?
  • The time frame around your offer
    • Do you promise results within a set amount of time or for a set amount of time?
  • How you guarantee your product
    • Do they get results or their money back? Do you offer an extended warranty?

And How Do You Sell It?

Chris Brogan, consultant, CEO, and master seller gives great advice. “You’d be surprised what goes into really good selling. It’s not all that complex, though there are mountains of things you have to learn to make this work better and better. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned are the elements of good selling:

  • Know who you serve and what they want. If you don’t know your buyers, you don’t really have a product or service, do you?
  • Know what you sell and who will most benefit from it. And by this, I mean with clarity. Know what exactly the rewards of owning what you sell will be. Know how to explain this to people.
  • Master the buying cycle. Selling a house is way different from selling software. Selling deals is trickier than selling insurance. Some take more time. Some take less. Learn it yourself, and/or ask others who sell what you sell for their tips on a buying cycle.
  • Master their language. People won’t buy if they think what you sell isn’t for them. It took us months (maybe years) to nail down how to talk about what we offer. “Simple plans for business success” is what we say, but those five words have a LOT of meat tucked into them. But what matters most about them is that the people we serve (you) helped us define what that means.”

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